About our ministry  

In 2005 our family’s life would change in an instant. Our son Connor who in his first 2 years of life would speak to us, have great eye contact, and respond like any typical child, suddenly began to change. An all too familiar story of parents with autistic children. Connor started to look away, sit by himself, and disengage socially with those around him. His speech stopped developing and we were left with the prospect of what is happening and what does this all mean for our family and child? I remember my wife calling me on the day when we got the diagnosis that Connor was on the middle of the Autism spectrum and how thoughts began to play out in my mind; thoughts that the enemy was trying to place there. Thoughts that said “your son will never do what your other children will do, he will always be deficient, he will never have a purpose, this is his lot in life”.

Instead of letting those thoughts run wild in my mind, I hit the gas pedal in my car, drove up to my house, ran up stairs to my little boy, picked him up in my arms, and said to him, “Connor, you will not be a victim, you’re a victor! You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you! You are more than a conqueror! You have a destiny and a purpose!” Though my wife and I believed all of those things, we also knew the journey was just beginning. There would be days, like so many other parents that deal with challenges have, that it would feel like you were carrying a refrigerator on your back filled with burdens. One day on the way to work, I asked God for the first time “Why?”.  I didn’t ask why we had Connor, I asked God why Connor had to be this way. God spoke to me through gentle whispers. The first thing He said was, “Your child is not a burden, he is a gift.” I continued to listen through my thoughts, and then I heard (not audibly, but down deep), “I am going to use your son to touch and impact thousands of people.” I said audibly, “but God, how is he going to impact thousands of people, he can’t even ask for a drink of water.” All I heard in my thoughts, like a gentle whisper God said four words…”Do You Trust Me?” I responded honestly and said, “God, there is no cure for Autism unless you heal my son. You’re all we’ve got.”

Three months later when we were really struggling with Connor, a miracle happened that would change our world forever. Connor who had never put a sentence together, who had never spoken a paragraph in his life…began to speak. You can see the miracle in the Connor TV section of the website. What happened after that has been a whirlwind of triumphs, struggles, one step forward, another step back, and lots of “refrigerator” moments. Yet, God did what He said He would do. After the miracle came a flood. Connor, through a succession of events, began to touch millions of people around the world.

Since then, Champions Clubs for Special Needs, which are state of the art development facilities and programs, were launched first at Lakewood Church and are now in churches and communities across America. Champions Academy Charter Schools for Special Needs are planning to be launched in the near future; a private school experience at a public school price. Connor’s story has and is being shared all over the world to give kids and families hope that their child too has a purpose.

Connor Moments website started out of little inspirational posts that Connor would say or do. We started to post them on places like Facebook and they would get a huge response. So through another gentle whisper God spoke to my wife and I to launch this website to help and encourage people all over the world through our gift Connor. He has changed us for the better far more than we could ever change him. He has been our human sunshine. We hope you will be inspired by the website ConnorMoments.com “The moments in life that one may see as ordinary, another may see as their miracle.” This is a website inspired by my son Connor and the inspirational moments God uses him to inspire and encourage our family and so many others.

The website will feature stories around bringing hope & awareness to the forgotten…kids & families with special needs, children and families in crisis, and those who are medically fragile. It will feature inspirational stories called Lead Vertically about how God helped people to look up in the midst of their challenges.  It will tell stories and give updates from our Champions Clubs and future Champions Academies for specials needs. Then of course, it will have Connor Moments where we will share funny inspirational moments from Connor, that he has said in the past and will say in the future. It will feature a place called “Share Your Miracle” where you as a reader can share your miracle moments, no matter how ordinary they may seem to others, you knew they were God’s miracle to you. We will then select stories that we will write about centered on your miracle moments big or small and make devotionals out of your miracles. You will also see video’s (Connor TV), parenting tips from my wife Samantha, and a video “Scripture of the day” from our son to encourage you, and so much more.

When you have special needs you don’t fit into people’s idea of normal, yet you realize God doesn’t make anything abnormal. If everyone is created in God’s image that means everyone is beautiful, intelligent, creative, approved, talented, diverse, special, extraordinary. Normal is just someone you don’t know very well. Our family hopes you will be inspired, encouraged, and you will always know we are cheering you on. Remember, you’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think. You are who God says you are. Believe!