Champions Club

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In the past, when children with special needs attended Lakewood Church they were placed in a nursery room or in a typical room with a teacher assigned to them. As more families with special needs children came in, we began to recognize that God wanted us to do something more.

In 2005, upon moving into our new facility, the Champions Club became the dream and desire of Lakewood to help families with special needs children.

In March 2008, the Champions Club became a reality for Lakewood Church. Our goal was to develop a program that would meet the developmental needs of our children in three important ways, SPIRITUALLY, INTELLECTUALLY and PHYSICALLY. Our focus was on spiritual growth through God’s Word, ministering to the intellect of each child through their senses and engaging the child physically during spiritual gross motor fun. We enlisted the help of several professionals in the field of special needs and came up with a plan that would allow each child to be ministered to at their individual level.

Champions Academy

Champions Academy is dedicated to providing hope to students with autism and to their families through a dedicated and serving staff. The school will maximize the potential of every child through research-based strategies and serve each student by helping him grow in a school and in life in a loving, caring environment, connecting him with others as a happy and successful child.

• Early Intervention: Research supports the critical nature of early intervention in the life of a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Early intervention, especially when delivered in a caring, loving environment, will change a child and his family forever, making it possible to reach appropriate learning milestones and achieve school success.
• Expert Staff Delivering Therapy: A team of experienced educators, speech language pathologists, behavior specialist, and occupational therapist will implement early intervention strategies to increase the performance of students with autism.
• Focus on Individual Needs-Schools serving students with autism must meet the needs if each student with autism, no matter the age or grade level. To achieve that end, Champions Academy will develop an individualized education plan with each student with parental input that sets measurable goals and objectives for the individualized growth of a child.
• Inclusion And Integration With Peers In A Classroom Setting: Inclusion in a typical classroom setting, when appropriate, helps children with autism to grow academically and socially. If students are to learn appropriate behaviors they will need to be in an inclusive environment to see and hear how their peers talk and act. If the students are to learn social skills, they will need to be in a space where they can listen to and learn from others who are socializing. Additionally, future plans may include a Vista elementary campus either within Lakewood or in a nearby location which will facilitate both mainstreaming and transition.
• Parent Training And Participation: Parents must be involved in their child’s education; thus Champions Academy together with Lakewood will provide training and support to assist in applying behavior interventions and to reinforce techniques at home. With parental involvement and the daily reinforcing of developmental strategies, a child can make lasting progress.

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