Children Destined For Greatness


I don’t think in the beginning when someone looks at child with special needs the first thought that comes to mind is “Greatness” I mean how can something that on the outside some people would assume deficient have the best chance for greatness? This is how the human finite mind works. If it doesn’t appear to have promise how can it be promising? If it doesn’t appear to be beautiful how can it be beautiful? I’m glad God doesn’t look at things the way some people do. How many miracles would we have missed if God didn’t help us see the possibility? One of the greatest gifts God gives to us is by helping us understand that potential is not realized because someone started out with all the perfect ingredients. Potential is realized when someone sees the flower in the seed. No one is ever born great, they develop greatness. Somebody saw the potential of the destiny before the destiny was realized. They had to look deeper than the circumstance. They had to live in the vision and not the circumstance.

In the Old Testament if the people of Israel were to compare the strapping stoic King Saul to scrawny no count David from the outside, it wouldn’t have even been a contest. Saul would win in a landslide. He would have been the peoples pick to be King. No one would have seen the possibility of David being king. Even David’s own father showed the prophet Samuel everyone of his other son’s before he presented David. Why? Because David didn’t look like a King from the outside. Yet, I have found who we think should be king may not be who God thinks should be king. The enemy will try to cover up greatness. The enemy will put up weeds to choke the seed of greatness. He wants to blind us from what could be so we will accept what we have. When we reflect on God’s view of people and we see the world from His perspective, we are removing the weeds that choke out what’s possible. When our hearts are ready, we are able to see the destiny seeds in others.

Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, “What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us.” Man looks on the outside but God looks deep with in and looks at the heart. Where it really becomes powerful is when he gets us to believe there is something great inside someone else even when no one else sees it. Who would have ever seen greatness in Helen Keller from the outside. She was blind, deaf, and mute…Three strikes against greatness. Her destiny would seem to be just to survive. Especially in the era she lived in with far less medical advances, far less tools and understanding to develop multiple special needs. Yet her teacher (     ) saw a destiny seed of greatness that God had planted. She saw an amazing flower that could blossom in the midst of what others would call barren seed. She called forth greatness when others would have gotten frustrated and given up. Helen Keller became a great American hero in spite of her challenges because someone watered what God had already sown. The greatest legacy is not what we leave for people, it’s what we leave in people.

Sometimes you cannot just hope for greatness you have to call it forth. With our kids we may have to speak it over them everyday and call forth the greatness of the destiny seed God has planted inside of them. Speaking everyday over them…My child is talented, my child is creative, my child is healed, my child is a masterpiece, my child will do great things. God is not moved by our circumstance, He is moved by our faith. He understands, he is compassionate, he loves us but what he is really moved by is our belief that He can do anything. When it looks impossible do we still believe?

We may not get help from our friends. We may not even get support from our family. They may be too busy looking at reality to realize the possibility. But I have found this to be true…sometimes to do something great you may have to stand alone. The good thing is when you take that step of faith for your child you will find God’s sovereign presence surrounding you like a hedge of protection.

I declare the seeds of greatness that God has placed inside of your children are coming to life. They are going to do things that others said they would never do. They are going to rise up and become all God has destined them to become. Speak forth those seeds of greatness over them. Don’t let reality or peoples opinion steal the promise God has for our children. It’s not what we know it’s what He knows. Sometimes we are educated way beyond our obedience and faith. Let God’s love compel us to believe even when it looks impossible. Our children are destined for Greatness.

Craig Johnson

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