Connor Moment: Defying The Odds?

The other night we were putting Connor to bed and after we finished praying he put his cover over his head and started mumbling words that sounded like a sermon. It was one of Joel Osteen’s messages. We had heard him say the declaration “This Is My Bible” but we had never heard him quote a message. For the next 15 minutes we heard him quote one of Joel’s messages word for word. It was amazing! A thought came to my mind. If he can memorize messages and speak them word for word, how powerful would it be if one day Connor who’s been diagnosed with Autism stood in front of a crowd of people and preached his first message from memory. If he preaches one of TD Jakes messages….Get ready, Get ready, Get ready!

A week later we walked into his room and saw that he had lined up his super hero figures like an audience and was now preaching the message to them. Is God getting ready to blow our minds in using our son to defy the odds ….We Believe!

2 Responses to “Connor Moment: Defying The Odds?”

  1. Lance Hunt

    Amen! God has showed up and showed out with Conner! I know that Conner will walk through God’s Supernatural Healing and Operate in Complete Wholeness! I know that the Lord is going to use Conner in a Strong-Powerful Way! I can’t wait to see the Lord working in and through Conner in every area of his life, as well to be used to touch so many lives! What A Blessing and A Miracle of the Favor of the Lord! God Bless, Sincerely Hearted, Lance Hunt 🙂

  2. Mel Allingham

    That’s awesome stuff, I work with autistic children and their memory and what they retain is amazing. Connor is going to be powerful, God will do marvelous things. Training from the parents is vital and you and Sam are clearly doing an outstanding job.


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