Our View of God Determines Our View of Change


Our View of God Determines Our View of Change

We’d like God to be more conventional and predictable. Yet, if He were, there would be no miracles, no signs and wonders, no dreams coming to pass. There is never nothing going on with God. When you serve God, you are part of a revolution whether you want to be or not, because God is here to change the world, and you are His change agent. He’s developing you so that you can grow others. God wants us to transform and emerge by understanding the possibilities that can be attained through unbridled faith. He has already written the script and is just waiting for us to fill the role.

In two weeks’ time we had let go of our home, our church, our ministry and my father, and even though I knew in my heart that God was in control, my mind was guided by my insecurities instead of my faith. Letting go of something you love or you’re familiar with can be very disconcerting. The more I thought about my fears and the more I expressed my uncertainties to others, the more un- certain I became. My words and thoughts were undermining my beliefs instead of my beliefs determining my words and actions. I was listening to all the reasons why I shouldn’t change instead of all the reasons why I should. My faith was tested not so much by the outward circumstances (as hard as they were) but by my internal response. I was confronted by the same questions all people face when struck by unexpected change: Did I trust God? Did I believe that going to a new opportunity, my father’s death and leaving a church after three years were all part of God’s ultimate purpose in my life?

One of my core beliefs is that God is constantly showing us new things, taking us new places and leading us on new paths that are far bigger than we can imagine. Change can deepen our trust in God. The decisions we make are a by-product of the change that is constantly taking place in our lives. When we have the courage to look at circumstances through a different lens, we will change for the better and make better decisions.

In the midst of my insecurities, I remembered my core beliefs and began to see God’s perspective. I knew it was the right decision to go to Lakewood because of the way God had changed us and prepared us for this new transition.

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