Random Thoughts

If “You” want to do something that has never been done before you won’t find it in a book other wise it wouldn’t be in a book. There are no new ideas under the sun, but there are plenty beyond it. Search for the mind of God because his ways are not our ways, his thoughts are not our thoughts. Clear your mind of what you know & open your mind to what God knows. You will see & do things differently!


Random Thoughts

A Vertical Leader sees life on a different plane and inspires extraordinary change which helps others soar above their circumstances.


When I allow God to be my satellite I am able to rise above because what I can’t understand, God can. What I can’t move, God can. What I can’t resolve, God can. What I can’t see, God can.


Our voice might be able to reach a village, but Gods voice can shake a nation. Began to speak with the vocal chords of the God of the universe.


 What has ever happened supernaturally that makes sense? Nothing truly great ever makes sense.


Too many times we let our minds determine the outcome when God’s mind is already made up. God already knows he can do it, he’s just waiting for us to make up our mind that He can do it. Our thoughts hold us back more than any enemy ever could.


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