Where Being Last Makes You First

How do vertical leaders nurture the seeds that God has planted in others? When you give up part of your own glory so that others might shine, you are leading vertically. When I plant a seed in someone else and teach him or her to do the same, destiny seeds multiply. It takes courage and humility to set aside your own glory, but vertical leaders find glory in the dreams of others. True power in leadership comes when a leader, refusing to allow pride to rule him, helps others succeed. To speak the language of team one has to believe that everyone plays a part and no one is more important than another.
Every human being is unique and adds value; it’s not about strong wills or who gets the praise. Someone once said, “It is amazing how much you can accomplish when no one cares who gets the credit.” This is where the first becomes last because someone actually cares about the last person in line. It’s a state of mind that can only come from the state of the heart.
A while back, I caught the end of the biggest race in NASCAR: the Daytona 500. Tony Stewart was ahead of Ryan Newman, and Newman wasn’t going to catch him if he didn’t get some help. Newman’s teammate, Kurt Busch, was coming up fast behind him; but instead of trying to pass, he gave Newman a push from behind that catapulted him into the lead just in time to cross the finish line. When asked after the race about his win, Newman said, “I couldn’t have done it without my teammate. Most guys would never have done something so unselfish, and I can’t thank him enough.” Ryan Newman will never forget that Kurt Busch helped him reach his dream of winning the Daytona 500. The next time Kurt Busch needs help, who do you think will be the first one to step up? Ryan Newman. That’s the power of team building!
You might ask, shouldn’t a leader be driven to achieve all that God has for him or her? Shouldn’t we maximize our potential? Yes and no. We can only reach so high on our own, but when we help others reach their potential, everyone benefits. Imagine if we believed that a leader is great not because of who they are, but because of the team they build.
When I look at leaders, I look first at the army of people who believe in their cause. What have they deposited into others? When leaders raise others up, they don’t lose anything. The leaders rise higher, the company grows stronger and people take ownership for the team. The more destiny seeds you plant, the better leader you become. Why? Great leaders leave great legacies.

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