Who Is in Control of Your Change?


Who Is in Control of Your Change?

My father suddenly passed away and we were moving from Los Angeles to Houston. How was I going to go to Houston now? My mind raced from one thought to the next: Mom needed me; we were still packing; my family was in shock; Dad was gone; we had to make funeral arrangements; how could I inspire others at my new job when I was reeling from grief? How much change can a person deal with at once? Unexpected change has the possibility of paralyzing us.

Change can mask itself to look like a problem when in reality it is the answer in disguise. We can’t always see that the thing that might be holding us back is the very thing we have been holding on to the tightest. Change will force you to step onto the playing field when you have been comfortable in the stands. I do not want to just live life to be comfortable; I want to live life to make a difference. Yet, you always have a choice: you either run from change or respond to it. You can either be afraid or affirming, passive or powerful. It all depends on whether you are handling the change or God is handling the change.

Have you ever experienced more change than you could bear? It’s overwhelming . . . but it’s not over! Vertical leaders don’t run, they respond. They are not passive, but are powerful because they know that if they remain in Him, and His words remain in them, they can ask whatever they wish, and it will be given (see John 15:7). When things shift in life, it can be like a hurricane or a soft rain. It just depends on who is controlling the weather. Let God calm the storms in your life. His predictions are always right. At that moment, I asked God to take control of my life, to be the pilot, not the co-pilot.

I’ve never understood why people say that God is their copilot. The copilot doesn’t control the plane; the pilot does. The copilot gets orders from the captain. I don’t know about you, but I’m not giving God the orders when He’s the One who wrote the manual. Maybe we struggle with indecision because we have taken control and made God the copilot. Remember the plane that miraculously landed on the Hudson River after an engine failure? Thank God the captain was flying the plane and had the experience to know how to glide the plane and lay it down on the water. He knew exactly how to respond to the sudden change. Sometimes you really need the captain!

A week after my father’s death, we celebrated his life and buried his body. We gave our farewells to Faith Community Church on Father’s day weekend, and the next day got in the car and left for Houston to work at the largest church in America. Talk about overwhelming! The only thing I knew in the midst of the chaos was that God was in control.Sometimes that’s all you need to know. Moving to Houston actually was the greatest move of our lives. Everything went to a new level but we could have missed it.

When you are about to do a presentation and your computer crashes, who is in control? When your profits are on a downtrend and you don’t know why, who is in control? When your marriage is falling apart and you don’t know what to do, who is in control? Either God will control our change or the change will control us.

Follow peace. Let go of control, and let God steer the ship. He knows which direction to go and where to turn. Don’t be afraid of change, it may be the very thing that propels you to a better life and a brighter destiny.

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